Who We Are


ENGAGE grew organically out of the flow of specialized development requests coming to NYU IT’s Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) group. TLT’s interactive development team provides a variety of services to support tech-enhanced education, one of which is specialized design and development. This service creates the games and applications that make up ENGAGE, and inform our growing knowledge of new and innovative ways to engage students and address learning materials in new ways. These are the folks providing TLT’s specialized design and development service:

Specialized Design & Development


Dave Lasala

Interactive Team Lead

Rob Schwartzberg

Unity 3D Programmer

Jon Bowen

Interactive Developer

Tunan Guo

Interactive Design Intern

Tisa Segovic

Associate Technical Consultant

TLT’s Interactive Development Team

In addition to specialized design and development, TLT’s interactive development team offers other services in the area of tech-enhanced education. We provide web design and development services to support a variety of different needs. We also manage TLT’s online course assets and content hosting. These services are provided by the following folks:


Extended Team

Brenda Talbot

Web Developer

Marc Griffin (team alum)

Visual Designer

Marian Tes (team alum)

UX/UI Designer

Jiayan “Maggie” Li (team alum)

Visual Designer

Margaret Day (team alum)

Digital Media & Content Specialist

More About NYU IT’s Teaching and Learning with Technology

The Interactive Development team sits within NYU IT’s Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) group. TLT collaborates with schools, departments and individual faculty to create technology-enhanced educational experiences and enhance, design, and redesign courses and programs. TLT’s work is guided by research-based educational design principles, strategies, models, and prevailing heuristics. The group is equipped to add value to curricular offerings with a range of technologies, including custom multimedia production and interactive development.