NEW! VEU—Virtual Engagement Utility

For our 2018 exploration of Virtual Reality, the ENGAGE team is creating a Virtual Engagement Utility—a flexible application that will allow students to learn material with the benefit of contextual immersion via virtual reality. For more information, please read the project SUMMARY and FEATURES in the menus below.



Launch Date

March 2019 (estimated)

Development Team

Dave Lasala, Product Designer / Manager
Jon Bowen, Code / Develoment, additional design
Marc Griffin, UX, UI, Visual Design
Marian Tes, Design Concepts

Development Tools

Unity 3D



In early 2018 the Teaching and Learning with Technology ENGAGE team was tasked with making a large discovery effort for the purpose of expanding our design and development services to include X Reality (VR, AR and mixed reality) platforms. The goal is not only to discover new ways to improve teaching and learning for students and faculty using technology, but also to keep stride with technological developments that will become ubiquitous in the near future.

About VEU

Since beginning explorations in January we have identified our first project to go into production: VEU—Virtual Engagement Utility, a flexible application that allows students to learn material with the benefit of contextual immersion by way of virtual reality. We chose this concept in an effort to serve as many teaching and learning use cases as possible, so the application has the potential to support a variety of content types.

Faculty Collaborators

If you are interested in potentially piloting this application in a 2019 class, please consult your group’s leadership and then contact us to schedule a consultation about a possible partnership.


V.1 Goals

  • Designed for Google Daydream VR
  • Can run normally on devices when VR goggles are unavailable
  • Can run on Google Cardboard VR (with select, gaze-driven functionality)
  • Support for 3D models and also 360 media
  • Interactions include: objects and avatars with branching selection choices (e.g. select, inspect, take, etc., also multiple-choice questions, conversation trees, and more)
  • Milestone task grouping  and reward-incentive system, for gamified learning scenarios

Stretch Goals (possibly for a future iteration)

  • Multiple users simultaneously in a shared experience
  • Broader VR deployment (Vive, Oculus, etc.)
  • Browser deployment