ECD Pong

An experimental prototype created to explore how evidence-centered design (ECD) can be used as an assessment tool in a game or assignment.


Mac/PC app,

Launch Date


Development Team

Dave Lasala, Design Director
Rob Schwartzberg, Unity Programmer

Development Tools

Unity 3D 5.6.0f3


Based on the tennis example in ‘ECD for Dummies’ we created a variation of Pong where each action the player makes is graded and recorded in a hierarchical structure. The player is then given an overall score based on the records of their performance. The overall score changes over time as the data is collected.

The prototype was also used as a test case for sending information from Unity to SCORM Cloud using TinCan API. Because Unity was successfully able to send data to SCORM, we now know that we can tie Unity to Gradebook, a grading tool within Sakai, NYU’s learning management system. This new knowledge allows us to proceed with building student assessment directly into future Unity modules.


  • Tin Can API connectivity between Unity 3D and SCORM cloud.
  • Prototype project to examine evidence-centered design (ECD) in gaming.

Lessons Learned

Dave: My take-away from this prototype was ECD’s level of complexity made it an impractical design solution within the limits of our development resources (e.g., staff count, fixed timelines and project load, etc.). However, we were able to successfully confirm our ability to tie our Unity games and apps to SCORM cloud. Changing practical conditions at a future date may enable more explorations with ECD.