¡Cómete el Coco!

A multiplayer, multiple-choice Spanish-language trivia game based on the popular mobile game Trivia Crack.



Launch Date

Fall 2016

Development Team

Dave Lasala, Creative Director
Rob Schwartzberg, Unity Programmer
Tarun Charaipotra, Graphic Artist

Development Tools

Unity 3D (v5.3.4)


¡Cómete el Coco! was developed in collaboration with College of Arts & Science faculty member Elizabeth Augspach for Intermediate Spanish 1 undergraduate students. The goal was to create a practice tool that would bridge informal and formal learning and provide rich opportunities for social interaction. The resulting mobile game encourages students to think about the principles of grammar in a way that is not possible in speech.


  • Multiplayer mode: students can challenge their classmates to see who can answer more Spanish language questions correctly.
  • Solo play mode: students build and maintain streaks of correct answers. Winning games increases one’s score, rank, and bragging rights.

Lessons Learned

Dave: This was our first GLI mobile development project, and it taught us a lot about developing software within a complex environment like NYU IT. Regarding the game itself, the main lesson was one we continue to explore; what is the ideal range of scaffolding in a game for studying, versus a game for teaching? This question persists through all of our game and app development efforts, and has driven us to refine our design efforts. In the case of Cómete, it assumes the user has a certain level of fluency in Spanish, but offers contextual feedback for both correct and incorrect answers.

Rob: Two unique things about Cómete were the multiplayer functionality, and that it was our first mobile app. Developing the multiplayer part of the game required us to flesh out our database-Unity integration and how to properly manage the database to ensure high performance gameplay and record user metrics. Because it was the first mobile app, we had to collaborate with DigiComm and become accustomed to their set of guidelines for publishing under the NYU app store account. The process for building, side-loading, and publishing iOS apps was initially developed for Cómete. Lastly, Cómete also integrated faculty-provided data through a google spreadsheet. The process for sharing a spreadsheet between the faculty and the development team, then pulling that data into Unity as a csv.


If you’re having issues with ¡Cómete el coco!, in most cases one of the following will help:

  • Restart the game.
  • If that doesn’t help, close any non-essential apps.
  • If that doesn’t help, restart your device.
  • If that doesn’t help, try reinstalling the game.
  • If all else fails, contact: TLTSupport@nyu.edu